Graphic Arts Library is a branch of the University Library and specialises its library collections in information resources for printing and related fields - the latest technical publications, textbooks, Czech as well as foreign journals. The library is open to the public daily for all those interested in the printing industry and university students.

The Department regularly publishes textbooks for students majoring in the field of Graphic Arts in the Graphic Arts Workbooks and University Textbooks series. In cooperation with Svaz polygrafických podnikatelů (Czech Printing Industries Confederation), Professional English-German-Czech Dictionary printing was published in 2003 (in paper and electronic form) containing about 20,000 entries in each language, comprising both classic printing technologies as well as modern technologies of preparation, printing and finishing of prints. in 2009, the monograph Modern Printing Industry was published, which provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of printing technologies and techniques, from the preparation, control and transfer of print data, through basic printing techniques to finishing processes. In 2012, the third edition of this title was published.