Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry

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The short history of the Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry (JLSC) dates back to 1980. In this year the cooperation between the former Institute of Physics (IP) of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague and the University of Chemical Technology (UCT), Pardubice, in the field of preparation and characterization of non-crystalline chalcogenides, started and the Joint Laboratory for Chemistry and Technology of Pure Substances of IP and UCT was established. In this period the Laboratory participated mainly in the "Interkosmos Programme" (Solidification of multicomponent melts under microgravity conditions). The Laboratory has been established in its present form since 1986. The scientific program of the Laboratory has been extended and correlated with the scientific and teaching program of UCT in the field of solid state chemistry and material science. Until 1990 the Laboratory was tightly connected with the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry (DGIC) of UCT. In 1991 the Laboratory moved to the new laboratories and offices and its equipment and research activities were significantly developed.

At the present time the research activity of the Laboratory has been carried out in effective cooperation with DGIC as well as with other departments of UP. Simultaneously, however, an international working cooperation started with some Laboratories in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Japan and Spain, respectively. After 1991, thanks to favourable changes in our country, the equipment of the Laboratory has been improved significantly. Also the possibility of international cooperation has increased considerably.

Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry of University Pardubice

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