"Coffee with the Dean" premiered

24. 2. 2020

Anyone who visited the Stiasini diner at our faculty on Thursday after lunch might have noticed a group of debating people. Some sipped coffee, others maybe tea or just water. But the common denominator was a meeting with Petr Kalenda, the Dean of the Faculty.

It all started off at 1 p.m., and it took barely a few minutes before the first student appeared at the door to accept an invitation to "Coffee with the Dean." After a while, the vacancies filled up completely with a few more participants arriving later. During the coffee, a number of topics were debated. The students discussed their academic achievements, their future, but also things like the Dean’s hobbies. An hour and a half passed incredibly quickly.

The "Coffee with the Dean" event is intended not only for students, but for anyone interested in meeting the Dean, sitting over coffee or tea and talking about anything that is of interest.

Further meetings will follow and we will report on them in due course.

Everyone is heartily invited.