Project team

Head of the project team:

Liběna Tetřevová, Ph.D.

Expert in socially responsible behaviour 

“Collaborative consumption is an expression of our social responsibility and one of the paths to sustainable development.”


Members of the project team:

Jan Vávra, Ph.D.

Expert in innovation and relations with stakeholders

“Digitisation of society brings new challenges for successful and responsible business in the form of the sharing economy.”


Marie Bednaříková, Ph.D.

Expert in HR management

“Knowledge of new trends such as sharing is a condition for the success of each and every manager.”


Martina Jelínková, Ph.D.

Expert in marketing and social communication

“It is precisely sharing which contributes towards development of social ties in the digital society of today.”


Jana Košťálová, Ph.D.

Expert in project management

“While introducing the sharing process, it is useful to apply project management tools and procedures.”


Simona Munzarová, Ph.D.

Expert in environmental management

 “The sharing economy could contribute towards resolution of environmental problems and sustainable development.”


Vladimíra Vlčková, Ph.D.

Expert in logistics and services on the B2B market

“Dynamic supply chains are a new impulse for development of the sharing economy.”


David Vlček

Expert in statistical data processing

“Data processed in a high-quality manner are a condition for sharing, not only of information and knowledge, but also other forms of assets.”

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