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The Institute of Energetic Materials is dedicated to education and research in three areas:

chemistry and technology of explosives

  • In cooperation with Czech detonator manufacturers, we are looking for safer, mainly non-toxic, primary explosives.
  • We research high nitrogen substances for airbags and other gas-generating rescue systems used in the automotive industry.
  • We are developing new more environmentally friendly alternatives to pyrotechnic products. For example, a smoke composition in the Ferrari red color.

explosion theory

  • We study the processes taking place in the detonation wave, i.e. inside explosives, to understand the conditions associated with detonation.
  • We design and carry out measurements which place extraordinary demands on the capability of measuring equipment used in relation to the extreme conditions of high pressure, temperature and velocity.
  • We make use of advanced statistical methods to assess the sensitivity of explosives.

safety engineering

  • We serve the public by collaborating in the training of specialists for explosive detection and disposal. We develop training kits for detection of improvised explosives.
  • We help protect the public and civilian infrastructure from the effects of explosions, both accidental and intentional.
  • We measure the blast characteristics of combustible gaseous and dusty materials for the purpose of designing blast protection in mining and industry.


Study programmes

The Institute provides courses in various undergraduate study programmes at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, offers two specialised follow-up graduate study programmes, two doctoral programmes, and a certification programme.

Research and developement

Equipment and technical facilities of the Institute

The Institute has extensive technical and laboratory facilities necessary for teaching and research in energetic materials.

Science, research, collaboration

The Institute of Energetic Materials cooperates with many scientific institutions internationally.

We would like to invite you to the international seminar NTREM - New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials. For more information see the conference tab and the seminar website