Eight Personalities From the University of Pardubice Among the Most Cited Scientists

24. 2. 2021

Last year, a total of eight personalities from the University of Pardubice were among the most cited scientists in the world. The list with 2 percent of the most cited scientists in all fields includes 160,000 names. At the end of the year, the list was published by the analysts from Stanford University.

The list also includes the name of Professor Jiří Málek, Rector of the University of Pardubice. The other frequently cited scientists from our university are Prof. Filip Bureš, Prof. Petr Hájek, Prof. Michal Holčapek, Prof. Pavel Jandera, Dr. Jan Macák, Ing. Roman Svoboda and Prof. Svatopluk Zeman.

The data suggest how the researchers have been doing in their entire career and the results achieved last year. A total of 359 researchers from Czech institutions were on the list. The information includes the categories such as the h-index, the absolute number of papers to which the scientists contributed in 2019 and all their papers published since 1960. The list of the scientists included in the Scopus database was made by experts from PLOS Biology, Stanford University and Elsevier.

The Rector of the University of Pardubice Jiří Málek specializes in physical chemistry, structural relaxation of non-crystalline materials, kinetics of crystal growth in supercooled fluids as well as the viscosity of chalcogenide glass-forming systems. The main field of Prof. Ing. Pavel Jandera, DrSc. from the Faculty of Chemical Technology is analytical chemistry: analytical separations, high-performance liquid chromatography and programmed and multidimensional chromatography techniques. Dr.-Ing. Jan Macák works as the leading researcher at the Centre of Materials and Nanotechnologies, Faculty of Chemical Technology. His research focuses on the development of new low-dimensional structures (such as nanotubes, nanolayers, nanofibres) used for example in solar cells, catalysts or batteries. Prof. Ing. Filip Bureš, Ph.D. specializes in organic chemistry and in his scientific research focuses on conjugated organic molecules and the study of their fundamental physical-chemical properties. The analytical chemist Prof. Ing. Michal Holčepek, Ph.D. specializes in the lipidomic analysis used in early detection of some types of cancer. Prof. Ing. Svatopluk Zeman, DrSc. focuses on the study of the initiation reactivity of energetic materials as well as the development of emulsion explosives. Ing. Roman Svoboda, Ph.D. is a researcher at the Department of Physical Chemistry. Prof. Petr Hájek, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics and Administration specializes in artificial and computer intelligence, particularly in fuzzy systems.

A parallel list which announces the total number of citations in the scientists’ entire career presents three more names from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice. Prof. Andréa Kalendová, Prof. Ladislav Novotný and Prof. Karel Vytřas. Prof. Andréa Kalendová is a scientist at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Materials and focuses on coatings and material protection. Prof. Ladislav Novotný is an academic at the Institute of Environmental and Chemical Engineering and specializes particularly in the use of electrical chemistry in environmental protection. Prof. Karel Vytřas worked at the Department of Analytical Chemistry. Last year, he was awarded in memoriam the Silver Medal of Merit for significant contribution to the development of electrical chemistry at the University of Pardubice by the Rector.

TEXT: Aneta Krejčík Plšková/PHOTO: Adrián Zeiner