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We are the oldest faculty of the University of Pardubice. We develop teaching and research in chemical, chemical-technological and biological fields and disciplines in the areas of materials engineering or nanotechnologies.

Today, we can boast of a worldwide reputation thanks to extensive scientific research and creative activities, applied research and important personalities working at the faculty. Our students and academics are involved in solving domestic and international projects, organizing prestigious scientific conferences and student competitions.


Chemistry is an inspiring science which took shape long ago in the Middle Ages. Its magic spans many fields of science, provides enough space for imagination in order to discover the secrets and unexpected nooks of these fields, and can also evoke the joy of understanding the phenomena of natural laws. Why not study in the “city of chemistry” itself – in Pardubice?

Our graduates are sought-after experts ready to start a career in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, printing and other industrial companies at home and abroad.


The University of Pardubice is the only university in the Pardubice Region. Under its wing, eight thousand students are provided with safe academic facilities. It ranks among the most modern and prestigious educational and scientific research institutions in the Czech Republic.

The university has seven faculties covering various disciplines, the oldest of which is just the Faculty of Chemical Technology, since 1950, located symbolically in Pardubice, the centre of education, chemistry, science, culture and sport of the Pardubice Region.

„Our faculty is rightly one of the colleges that are constantly at the cutting edge of their fields. We have a number of top scientific teams of high repute both at home and abroad. Our goal is to provide students with a quality education, but also to create a scientific environment for our graduates who go on to doctoral studies.“