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The general aim of CEMNAT (Center of Materials and Nanotechnologies), since its foundation in 2013, is to carry out scientific, research and educational activities in materials sciences with use in photonics, electronics, photovoltaics and catalysis. CEMNAT is a true OPEN-ACCESS infrastructure, listed on the Roadmap of Large Research Infrastructures for years 2023-2026 (more information here). Based on its intellectual and instrumental resources CEMNAT provides synergic opportunities to external users from research organizations and companies as well as for own researchers and students.

The portfolio of expertise in synthesis, characterization and applications of both inorganic and organic materials covers following applications:

  1. photonics (metamaterials, 3D photonic crystals, opals)
  2. electronics and electrical engineering (memories, thin conducting layers, RFID antennas)
  3. renewable energy resources (1D nanotubes and nanoparticles for solar cells and baterries)
  4. chemically active surfaces  (zeolites, silica, alumina as membranes or nanofibers)

All fields are represented by established key researchers and their groups that have number of international cooperations, projects, publications and patents. Concentration of newly hired top scientists across different fields will guarantee further CEMNAT development.

Offered services include consultancies, syntheses and characterizations of materials available for all partners (see available equipment).