Bioanalytical Laboratory Diagnostics in Medicine Mgr

Guarantor of the study program: prof. RNDr. Zuzana Bílková, Ph.D.

Form of study: full-time
Length of study, academic degree: 2 years, Mgr.

Do you want to make good use of your knowledge of chemistry in medicine to help people, such as patients with cancer? Are you interested in genetics and do you struggle to imagine your work without a microscope? Do you want to work in top-quality laboratories and analyse samples? Then you should come and study at our faculty.


What will you learn?
We will teach you how to handle advanced analytical methods in chemistry, clinical biochemistry and immunology. You will also become familiar with histology and cytology. You will get to know all the necessary safety principles in the laboratory. You will be able to evaluate independently and statistically analyse the results and work with specific software. The teaching is very practical, so you will spend enough time in the laboratories to learn how to handle various devices. That is the only way to get the much-needed practice for the work you will do when starting your job.

Your career prospects
You will be a healthcare professional able to work independently without professional supervision in the laboratories of hospitals, health centres, and hygiene facilities. You will be able to take part in the production of medicines and bioproducts or work in companies that deal with testing and analysing biological materials and pharmaceuticals. Doctors will ask you for consultations regarding which laboratory method and diagnosis to choose for their patients.

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