Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection

Form of study:

  • Full-time

Degree of study:          

  • Bachelor's

Length of study:

  • 3 years

If you are interested in ecology and the future of our planet is not lost on you, you will be interested in studying in the very popular field of Chemistry and technology of Environmental Protection. We offer a prospective study programme that is relevant in the current environmental context.


What will you learn?
During your studies you will gain knowledge regarding environmental chemistry, analysis of harmful substances, or revitalization. It is also important in this profession to understand the legal aspects of environmental protection and to acquire active knowledge of the use of computer technology and environmental information systems. We will teach you to communicate with people and help you improve your English.

Your career prospects
Upon successful completion of the study programme, you will have many opportunities to apply your knowledge, whether it be in different positions in the state administration in the field of the environment or in industrial enterprises. In fact, you will be an expert in the field of handling hazardous chemicals, waste management and the impact of human activity on nature.  Come study at our faculty and we will help you on your future path. Your education does not only mean the future for you, but also for today's so fragile environment.

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