Fibres and Textile Chemistry

Form of study:

  • Full-time

Degree of study:          

  • Master's

Length of study:

  • 2 years

Chemistry is needed in many industries. One of the areas that can not do without chemistry is the textile industry. Do you want to become an expert in the processing of natural or artificial fibres or their dyeing? Take this exciting subject and work in one of the traditional branches of the Czech industry.


What will you learn?
You will learn everything necessary for the production and processing of natural and synthetic fibres, their dyeing and finishing. You will become an expert in the technology of polymers and their processing; you will also gain knowledge in physical chemistry and polymers. You will master textile chemistry, including advanced macromolecular chemistry, and you will discover another discipline, namely colouristics.

Your career prospects
You will find work in the management of companies operating in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, laboratories of research centres dealing with polymers, composite materials and coatings. No private company that produces or modifies textile materials will be able to do without this type work. Thanks to the managerial skills that we will teach you, you will be able to find your place in business with both domestic and foreign companies.

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