Graphic Arts and Printing Technology Mgr

Guarantor of the study program:​ prof. Ing. Petr Němec, Ph.D.

Form of study: full-time
Length of study, academic degree: 2 years, Ing.

Even in the time of the Internet and the virtual world, printing remains a part of our everyday life. We often admire interesting graphics on posters, in magazines or in books. If you want to delve deeper into the world of print, do not hesitate to come and study Graphic Arts and Printing Technology.


What will you learn?
We will pick up the threads of basic theoretical and practical knowledge of the undergraduate degree and will study them further so that you will be able to deal with the printing industry even in research. At the same time, you will be able to manage the economics and management of a printing company. You will become a specialist in materials, physical processes and interactions in printing technologies, and a wide range of printing techniques and manufacturing technologies, including the knowledge of colours and lacquers. Moreover, you will be able to use currently used graphics programs, create electronic publications, and will be able to apply it even in multimedia communication.

Your career prospects
You will find it easy to get a job in the modern printing industry, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur. Due to the possibility of studying economic and managerial subjects, you will gain the perfect training to serve in leadership positions in companies. Should you become interested in research, we would gladly welcome you in a doctoral study programme.

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