The research program is related and will be a continuation of the scientific and pedagogical program of FChT. The link between research and teaching means that JLSC cooperates and will continue cooperation with students of FChT departments and institutes - cooperation on bachelor's, diploma and dissertation theses.

Thanks to the extensive instrumentation in the field of solid state and the experience of scientific and academic staff JLSC cooperates and will cooperate with many national and international institutions. JLSC also enters into its own projects, as a co-proposer or as a member of research teams.



The Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry (JLSC) was established in 1980 on the basis of cooperation between the former Institute of Physics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague and the University of Chemical Technology, Pardubice mainly on the field of the preparation and the characterization of non-crystalline chalcogenides.

In 1986, together with the Institute of Chemical Technology Pardubice, the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences became the new founder of JLSC, and the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry was authorized with the economic administration of JLSC.

In 2002, in connection with the preparation of Czech Academy of Sciences for the new legislation, the status of JLSC was changed on the basis of an agreement between the University of Pardubice and IMC AS CR, and JLSC became one of the divisions of IMC AS CR v.v.i.,. The reason was the simplification of administration.

In 2016, the IMC AS CR v.v.i., terminated the contract and this division - JLSC- cancelled.

In 2018 was Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry established as one of the departments of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. After the cancellation JLSC IMC AS CR, (2016), the number of employees was gradually reduced as the ongoing projects ended. This gradually changed the personal and research representation of individual groups. However, the research activity of JLSC remains divided into three areas - non-crystalline materials, crystalline materials-thermoelectrics and non-graphitic intercalates.

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