Organic Chemistry

Form of study:

  • Full-time

Degree of study:          

  • Master's

Length of study:

  • 2 years

At the very beginning, organic chemistry was called the chemistry of living nature. Today, however, we know that this statement is not entirely true, and the meaning of chemistry of carbon compounds (organic chemistry) is far more complex. If you are interested in this topic, study Organic Chemistry with us.


What will you learn?
In studying Organic Chemistry, you will acquire theoretical knowledge in technology and economic management, supplemented by an adequate level of IT knowledge and language training. Thanks to your professional skills, you will be able to manage and realize the production of technical specialties and hold managerial positions in the given fields.

Your career prospects
After completing your studies, you will become a college graduate able to find employment primarily in research workplaces in chemistry and other related fields. You will be ready for professional activities at the middle management level of small and large chemical and non-chemical enterprises. These companies offer a great opportunity for your future employment – skilled workers with the profession of chemist-synthesist are very much sought after!

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