Organic Coatings and Paints Mgr

Guarantor of the study program:​ prof. Ing. Andréa Kalendová, Dr.

Form of study: full-time
Length of study, academic degree: 2 years, Ing.

Do you enjoy chemistry and do you want to have a unique education? Paints are a very specific and desirable area of knowledge in the labour market, so do not hesitate and sign up.


What will you learn?
You will gain knowledge in macromolecular and physical chemistry, film-forming chemistry, the technology of production and application of paints, polymers and pigments. You will become familiar with the methods of testing the coatings and surface treatment technologies. We have modern facilities, so you will work in laboratories with the latest materials such as organic and inorganic pigments, fillers and additives.

Your career prospects
Graduates will find work as technologists, researchers, managers or traders both in the Czech Republic and abroad. You will be able to work in laboratories of research centres and chemical companies that specialize in coatings. Thanks to your knowledge, you will find employment easily, even outside the chemical industry. Your knowledge and skills are desired everywhere where surface treatments are addressed.

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