Polymeric Materials and Composites

Form of study:

  • Full-time

Degree of study:          

  • Bachelor's

Length of study:

  • 3 years

Are you interested in plastics and composites and want to get a high quality education in these fields? These materials are found in aircraft, vehicles and even in Formula One cars.


What will you learn?
Upon successful completion of your studies, you will have acquired expertise in many areas of chemistry, computer science, as well as economics and management of chemical companies that will prepare you for direct entry into the work environment. In addition, you will also master measurement techniques and communication with people, even in another language.

Your career prospects
After graduating in Polymeric Materials and Composites, you will be able to take up a middle management position in small, medium and large chemical companies and companies that are engaged in plastics production, or you can start your own business. You will be familiar with production, processing and application of polymer and composite materials. The experience you have gained may not be used only in manufacturing, but also in marketing and business positions of companies, as well as outside the chemical industry, such as in engineering, manufacture of consumer goods, or the paper industry.


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