Surface Protection of Building and Construction Materials Bc

Guarantor of the study program: prof. Ing. Andréa Kalendová, Dr.

Form of study: full-time
Length of study, academic degree: 3 years, Bc.

Are you interested in the building industry and the chemistry used? The combination of these two industries has created an interesting field of study that places great emphasis on orientation in building materials. By studying Surface Protection of Building and Construction Materials, you will get a good overview of this area and become a desirable specialist.


What will you learn?
This programme is taught, above all, with an emphasis on material science. It is closely related to the deepening of knowledge of the fundamentals of inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry, as well as a more detailed study of the chemistry and physics of ceramic, polymer, metal and glass materials. Apart from the above disciplines, you will also learn to use computer technology, economics and management appropriately to meet the needs of the industry.

Your career prospects
Upon successful completion of the Surface Protection of Building and Construction Materials study programme, you will find employment as a qualified technician in the management and control of the production of building materials. There are a number of companies in this area, both in Czech and foreign markets. These include companies engaged, for example, in the production of building materials, glass processing, polymer and composite materials, or the production of coating agents and surface finish. Thanks to the abilities you have acquired during your studies, you will be able to work alongside experts in the field.

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