Students Can Relax in a New Atrium Near the Changing Room

10. 1. 2022

As part of the reconstruction of the faculty premises, the management decided to gradually refurbish the inner atria. The first one was the atrium adjacent to the seminar rooms and students’ changing room between Blocks C and D.

The architectural and horticultural project was commissioned to MiBer s.r.o. owned by Michal Berka. The design was proposed by Ing. Lenka Derbeková and included three relaxation zones, original furniture made to order and new planting. The design incorporates the existing trees and bushes in a sensitive way. A large number of these have been preserved and treated. The original non-woven fabric has been removed as it no longer fulfilled its function. The soil has been cleaned and mixed with substrate. In this way, the whole area is literally breathing again. By creating a gravel path drainage system and by providing a specific type of planting, the water circulation in the soil has been modified.

The atrium is an integral part of the inner space where people can admire the botanical beauty through the glass in the colder season and directly from a designated space in the warmer season. Here, students and employees can sit on the benches and relax during the breaks. The screens behind the benches provide a sense of privacy.

We believe that the atrium will fulfil its function and students will have the opportunity to meet over coffee during the breaks. The atrium is now freely accessible.

The ceremonial opening is planned for the next spring. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the new botanical gems: Perennials – Astrantia major “Star of Billion”; Iris Chrisographes “Black Form”, Kontryhel – Alchemila mollis, Brunnera macrophylla “Sea Heart”, Hosta satisfaction, Tradescantia x andrsoniana “Innocence”, Rdesno – Persicaria amplexicaulis “Fat Domino”, Actea pachypoda “Misty Blue”; Grasses – Deschampsia caespitosa “Palava”, Miscanthus sinensis “Morning Light”, Panicum virgatum “Cloud Nine”; Bushes – Cornus controversa “Variegata”, Hydrangea paniculata “Polar Bear” and many others.

Mgr. Stříbrná Lucie, Ph.D.
Ing. Lenka Derbeková