The chemists from Pardubice have transformed the production of a core substance used in drug manufacture

4. 4. 2019

The team of organic chemists from the University of Pardubice have invented a new way of producing a core substance used as the primary source for human and veterinary medicinal products. The final products are used to cure erection disorders, ischemic disease of the lower extremities, gastric ulcers, or as a supportive substance in childbirth. The information was provided by the spokesperson of the University Martina Macková.

The scientists focused on a new method of producing Corey alcohol-A, which is the primary substance in the production of prostaglandin-based drugs. These hormone-like substances are produced in virtually all body organs; they are present in the prostate, lungs, vessels, kidneys, or the brain. They for example affect the production of hormones or gastric juices, blood coagulation, help decrease intraocular pressure, and may participate in immune and inflammatory processes in the body.

The technology developed at the University of Pardubice has already been applied in practice. Nevertheless, it was preceded by hundreds of experiments. In the synthesis of Corey alcohol-A, the scientists also managed to replace one of the necessary ingredients. The legislation prohibits a specific solvent due to environmental protection, and so another substance had to be found. One that is affordable.

The chemists started collaboration with a company that had been producing Corey alcohol according to their procedure. As a result, the company did not have to stop production and at the same time the production costs did not increase. Scientific teams from the University of Pardubice collaborate with the private sector in order to track what is happening in practice. “What was true ten to fifteen years ago may be miles away today and we don’t want to lose contact with practice,” said Aleš Imramovský from the University of Pardubice, who received assistance with the project by the Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer.

The disadvantage is that the results of the research cannot be included in the academics’ portfolio or be published in scientific publications to increase the achievement of their department. The reason is that private firms protect the results of intellectual property to prevent their competitors from using it, added Imramovský.

Source: ČTK