The Foyer of the Faculty Has a New Mini-Exhibition of the Works of Secondary School Students

28. 1. 2022

In the faculty foyer you can go through the periodic table of elements or enjoy a mini-exhibition of the works of students from the Secondary School of Tourism and Graphic Design in Pardubice.

The new exhibition is unique and displays the works of the graduates and students of graphic design in grade three. They are thematic exercises of various graphic techniques and visual procedures in computer graphics carried out by digital printing. The new mini-exhibition located in the corridors near rooms C1 and C4 shows a triptych of ‘dismal stories’ of toys – animals, diptych of a typographic exercise and geometric abstraction called ‘Perfect’, greyscale geometric abstraction and posters for a fictional summer film and music festival. The exhibition will be accessible until June 2022. The students’ works were supervised and installed by MgA. Lucie Farářová and Mgr. Pavla Kočová.

The private Secondary School of Tourism was founded in 1993 and offered full-time study for graduates of grammar schools or other secondary schools. A major change took place in 2011 when the school management responded to the changes in demand and new trends and in the school year 2011/2012 opened the first year of Graphic Design. In July 2017, the name of the school changed to the Secondary School of Tourism and Graphic Design (SSTG). At present, the SSTG has a capacity for 300 full-time students and 110 part-time students.

MgA. Lucie Farářová
Mgr. Lucie Stříbrná, Ph.D.
foto Svatopluk Rafael