The Largest Lecture Hall Will Bear the Name of Jan Palach

7. 2. 2022

“If one has great ideas, they must be articulated and enforced.” Jan Palach

In memory of Jan Palach (11 August 1948 – 19 January 1969), the management of the faculty decided to name the largest lecture hall (C1) after this important personality. This act will thus combine solidarity with the heroic act that the student Jan Palach decided to undertake.

“The effort to awaken the nation from apathy, the unwillingness to accept the emerging indifference to public affairs, the brave pushing for one’s opinions. Be courageous and fight injustice. Bring attention to the responsibility of each of us towards the society in which we live and influence its direction.” These are the thoughts and opinions of Jan Palach which we should never forget. The timelessness of these ideas still resonates today and should not leave us indifferent.

The proposal to give the new name to the lecture hall was agreed by Jiří Palach, Jan Palach’s brother. We would also like to thank Mr. Michal Třešňák, Mayor of Kamenický Šenov, who was willing to contact Mr. Palach, a long-term resident of the town.

In the second half of January, we commemorated the so-called “Palach Week”. At the same time, the name and description of Palach’s personality were unveiled at the entrance to the lecture hall. The graphic design was made by Oldřich Jiskra, a graphic designer and long-term partner of the faculty.