The Teachers Called Upon the Students: Let’s Get the University Running

8. 4. 2021

A brand-new challenge for the students and employees of the university during the pandemic and online courses has been announced by the Department of Physical Education and Sports, University of Pardubice entitled Let’s Get the University Running. The event is intended for the students of all seven faculties and for the thousand employees. The competition starts tomorrow and will last for a month. The faculty whose students run the longest distance in total will receive a special cup. 

The minimum distance to be covered in this health promoting competition is only two kilometres. “We want to encourage students and employees to engage in physical activity in the fresh air. We have all spent most of the time during the pandemic in front of our computers and running is a natural type of movement. This will strengthen our immunity and we can also help our faculty win the competition,” said Mgr. Jan Němec, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, University of Pardubice.

The only criterion in the competition will be the total distance covered. The pace of each runner is not important. Each participant will count the number of kilometres using a distance measuring mobile application. When finished, the runners will upload a print screen and record the distance. The distances will be entered in this online form.

In addition to the contest between the faculties, during the one-month competition prizes will be awarded in the categories of employees and students.

The organizer of the event the Department of Physical Education and Sports has been part of the university since 1997. Its role is to provide a sports background for the students of the university faculties as part of compulsory and optional courses. The department also offers its sports capacities to university employees and other people who are interested. The department organizes dozens of sports events, competitions, tournaments, including the aerobic marathon or the night campus run. It also organizes charity sports events, healthy lifestyle lectures and special events for the public.

Pardubice, 31st March 2021
Mgr. Martina Macková
Head of PR Department, University of Pardubice