The “Visionary 2019” Award goes to the Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics

11. 12. 2019

On 3 December 2019, Doc. Ing. Tomáš Syrový, Ph.D. from the Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice was awarded in the 9th annual “Visionary 2019” national competition.

He received the award with the Vice-Dean for Science and Creative Activity Professor Libor Čapek from the Head of KB EU Point and managing director of KB Advisory Mr. Jan Hanuš. This prize is annually awarded to individuals or teams who present a significant innovation potential in their projects that responds to the changing market and its needs. Dr. Syrový won the award for “Bandage Sensor designed to detect the optimal moment for changing bandage materials using colors.” In the development of the sensor he collaborated with industry partners including OTK Group a.s., Inotex spol. s.r.o., and COC s.r.o.

In recent years, printed electronics and the so-called smart textiles have become increasingly important in the development of various functional structures such as NFC tags, batteries, displays, sensors, etc. Their advantage is efficient and cheap production using printing techniques. Dr. Syrový’s timeless research is an example of this interdisciplinary endeavour. The innovative value of the bandage sensor lies in its practical application in medicine to improve the healing of tissues where healing would be complicated without this special bandage, in veterinary medicine, and in other areas of biomedicine.

The development of the bandage sensor lasted for almost 4 years and was part of the FlexPrint project under the Competence Centres Programme of TACR, which focuses on printed electronics and smart textiles. In the following period, smart textiles should be put into practice in cooperation with OTK Group a.s. and COC s.r.o.