This Year the Faculty Is Celebrating the 30th Anniversary

30. 3. 2021

This year it will be 30 years from the transformation of the original University of Chemical Technology in Pardubice (VŠChT) to one of the several faculties of the new university: the Faculty of Chemical Technology.

The University of Pardubice is the only university in the Pardubice Region and provides a safe academic environment to eight thousand students and more than a thousand employees. It belongs among the most modern and prestigious educational and scientific-research institutions in the Czech Republic. The university has seven faculties of different specializations, the oldest being the Faculty of Chemical Technology, which in 2020 celebrated the 70th anniversary of higher chemical education in the region’s capital located symbolically in the heart of education, chemistry, science, culture and sport.

The history of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice dates back to 1950 when the University of Chemistry was established. A strong impulse for the establishment of the university was the great demand for educated experts by the developing chemical industry. The university built a high-quality reputation in the area of education and science. Its existence is inherently associated with enterprises such as Synthesia or the Research Institute of Organic Syntheses.

The historical milestone was 1991 when the original VŠChT was transformed into the Faculty of Chemical Technology. The University of Pardubice was founded in 1994, and since 2009 FChT has been based directly in the modern university campus in Polabiny. In 2015, the remaining original premises on Čs. Legií Square and the buildings in the Technology Complex in Doubravice were finally reconstructed. Over the 70 years of its existence, the university has evolved into a modern workplace with high scientific and educational performance that has significantly contributed to the prestigious reputation of the entire university.

In 2016, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of FChT. At this occasion, an academic ceremony was held during which bronze medals of merit were awarded to the faculty professors. At this special occasion, the publication “25 Years of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice” was published with a subtitle “1950 – 1991 – 2016”.

Over the past five years since the 25th anniversary, the faculty has prided itself on the “Institutional Accreditation” in chemistry awarded by the National Accreditation Bureau for a period of 10 years (2019–2029). The award of the IA status means that the faculty has sufficient internal assessment mechanisms and will be able to set the direction in specific areas of education and accredit its own study programmes without external intervention.

The global pandemic that struck the Czech Republic in the spring of 2020 has brought a number of restrictions. Therefore, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of higher chemical education in Pardubice has been postponed to a time when this will be possible. Similarly, the celebration of the significant 30-year anniversary has had to be cancelled. We believe that when the situation allows it, we will all celebrate the anniversary together!

Mgr. Lucie Stříbrná, Ph.D.