We have been awarded the title "Faculty of the Year"

1. 1. 2020

Our Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice has been awarded the title "Faculty of the Year 2019" in the category "Chemistry".

In this way we would like to thank all students and graduates who participated in the voting in the Faculty of the Year competition and whose votes brought the faculty back to the 1st place of the competition. This shows that you like the faculty and that you are proud of your “Alma Mater”.

Voting in the "Faculty of the Year" project is a prestigious poll among students and recent university graduates in the Czech Republic who evaluate, among other things, the level of education and the environment for study. Our faculty regularly appears among the best. The results thus reflect the fact that Pardubice offers its students a quality study background, that students like the faculty and that they are satisfied with us.

“Being the best chemistry faculty in the Czech Republic is really great news for us. For the third time we have defended the victory in this poll and this is an excellent evaluation for all our employees. I would like to thank all our students for their favor, ”says prof. Petr Kalenda, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice.

The Faculty of the Year Index also shows the availability of study abroad. The questionnaire also includes an evaluation of the school's facilities, administrative background and prestige, and an opinion on compliance by management and teachers.