The Department of Biological and Biochemical Sciences provides students with interdisciplinary education in laboratory methods for the exercise of the medical profession without professional supervision (in the fields of study Medical Laboratory Technician (Bc.) And Bioanalytical Laboratory Diagnostics (Mgr.)), For work in clinical laboratories of hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

At the same time, we offer the study fields Analysis of Biological Materials (Bc. And Mgr.), Which are also focused on laboratory methods, but for work in non-medical facilities, eg analytical laboratories of hygienic stations, veterinary institutes, facilities for the production of biopreparations and drugs, in forensic institutes, in private analytical laboratories, in research institutes, in the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences and in other institutions performing analyzes of biological materials.

The doctoral study program Biochemistry (Ph.D.) was newly accredited.

Within the department, several scientific-research groups are set aside, whose members, in addition to teaching biologically oriented subjects, also participate in the solution of a number of research projects.


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