scientific research activities
Departments of Economics and Management of the Chemical and Food Industry
for the years 2019 - 2025

Main topic
Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of companies, especially the chemical and food industry, by implementing process management as a prerequisite for creating the contribution of companies to the development of society and regions

The focus of research work includes mainly the areas of increasing the performance of companies with a focus on:

Area of ​​strategic and marketing management of industrial enterprises

    Strategic business management;
    Business performance analysis;
    Marketing research and strategic marketing analysis;
    Quality attributes;
    Business reputation;

Area of ​​logistics and production management

    Sustainable supply chain management;
    Cooperation in supply chains and possibilities of its development;
    Financial flows in supply systems;
    Performance measurement in supply chain systems;
    Demand forecasting;

Area of ​​corporate social responsibility and environmental management

    Application of the concept of corporate social responsibility and socially responsible communication;
    Partnership of economic entities in the context of Triple helix;
    Environmental and CSR reporting;
    Product life cycle assessment;
    Social aspects and impacts of chemical production;

Area of ​​current trends - Industry 4.0, IoT, Shared Economy, Global Economy

    Project Management and Innovation for Industry 4.0;
    Impacts of Globalization, Digitization, Industry 4.0 on Industry and Society;
    Shared economy;
    Social economy;
    Evaluation of the level of project management.

Over the years, the department has developed cooperation with a number of universities in the Czech Republic and abroad (in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia and other countries). In the field of scientific research, the Department staff members were chief investigators in a number of projects in government program of economic research, international and national grants by GA ČR (the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), and FRVŠ, and projects of applied research for Industry. At present, the research activities are concentrated on factories and branches of chemical and foodstuff industries, and they are directed to study of processes of creation of value for customers, tools for reinforcing their loyalty, changes in the process of strategic marketing analysis, and formulation of marketing strategy of strategic business units depending on trends in the market environment; moreover they are focused on integration of systems of management of quality, environment and safety, on development of systems of environmental accounting, economic control of business along the efficiency line, bodies and processes, and on multi-criteria evaluation of efficiency of such enterprises. The Department staff members keep publishing the results of their research work in both international and national journals and in proceedings and presentations on conferences.

Projects in progress:

INEMSUP - Innovation of Education Methods and Skills at the University of Pardubice - INEMSUP (EEA Project No: EHP-CZ-ICP-1-002) (web page)

COST - Shared Economy:  Program: Cost Action CA16121 “From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy” (web page)

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