Research and Development at the Department

Areas of research activities of the Department

1. Study of chalcogenide, chalcogenide-halide a halide glasses and amorphous layers
Particular attention is paid to preparation of these materials in high purity and their characterisation by measuring thermal, electric and optical properties. Analysed are relationships between these properties and chemical composition, structure, and way of preparation. Their applications in preparation of sub-micron diffraction elements for visible and infrared spectral regions are studied.

2. Study of semiconductor crystals with layered structure
The research is oriented to preparation of perfect crystals of compounds with tetradymite structure. On the basis of results of measurements of electric and optical properties, relationships are described between structure, chemical bond, type of point disturbances and physical and chemical properties.

3. Research into non-silicate oxide glasses
Preparation of new types of borophosphate, phosphate, borate and tellurate glasses, determination of basic physical parameters, study of properties and optical properties of these glasses, and study of their structure by spectroscopic methods. The aim also is to find relationships between the composition, structure and properties of the glasses mentioned.

4. Synthesis and relationships between structure and dynamic properties of complex organometallic compounds
The aim of this project is to synthesise model compounds for study of catalytically and biologically active systems, elucidation of relationships between their structure and reactivity in catalysis of some selected reactions and their biological activity. Recently, attention has been focused e.g. on study of some organometallics bearing metals in low oxidation states, and on carcinostatic and catalytic effects of some metallocene derivatives.

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