Devices for inorganic analysis

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer GBC 906 AA (GBC, Australia)

  • Modular ion chromatographs (Shimadzu, Japan and ECOM, Czech Republic)

  • Spectrometer Spekol 11 (Zeiss, Germany) for visible range of radiation

  • Spectrometer 722-200 (MK Servis, Czech Republic), 330 – 1000 nm

  • Instruments for basic electrochemical analysis (pH-meters, conductometers, devices for potentiometry)

  • ECAFLOW 150 automatic laboratory analyser for the determination of trace and high concentrations of selected elements using flow-through Electrochemical methods (ISTRAN s.r.o., SK)


Devices for measuring particle size of powder materials

  • Apparatus working on the laser diffraction principle Mastersizer 2000 MU (Malvern Instruments Ltd., Great Britain) for a range of 0,02 – 2000 µm

  • Acoustic and electroacoustic spectrometer DT-1200 (Dispersion Technology Inc., USA) for measurement of particle size and zeta potential in Concentrated suspensions (0,005 - 1000 μm)


Device for the determining of specific surface area and pore distribution

  • Apparatus exploiting BET method Nova 1200e (Quantachrome Instruments, USA)


Devices for the objective measurement of pigments colour and their application

  • Color Quest XE (HunterLab, USA) with measurement orientation d/8°

  • Gloss-meter ZGM 1100 (Zehntner GmbH, Switzerland), geometry 20, 60 a 85°

  • UltraScan VIS spectrophotometer (HunterLab, USA) with d/8 ° measurement orientation for measuring the color of solid samples


Devices for thermal analysis and calorimetry

  • Instrument for simultaneous measurement of thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis Jupiter STA 449/C/6/F (Netzsch, SRN) from room Temperature up to 1600 °C (rate of heating 0,1 - 20 °C/min, inert atmosphere)

  • Heating microscope EM201 up to 1600 °C (Hesse Instruments, Germany)

  • Reaction isoperibolic calorimeter for temperature range of 10 – 40 °C

  • Heat flow calorimeter Setaram C 80 (Setaram, Francie) for temperatures 25 - 300 °C

  • Differential scanning calorimeter Pyris 1 (Perkin-Elmer, USA) for temperatures from -50 to 750 °C 

  • Thermomechanical analyser PT 1600 (Linseis, Germany), temperature range -150 - 1550 °C

  • Setaram LabSys instrument for simultaneous DSC and TG analysis, temperature range RT - 1600 °C


Equipment for exposure  of materials to light radiation

  • Chamber for sunlight simulation Q-SUN XE 1S (Q Panel Lab Products, USA)


Devices for grinding and processing of powder materials

  • Centrifugal mills (Fritsch, SRN),  vibration mill (Vibrom, Czech Republic)

  • Disc granulator (VÚOS, a.s. Czech Republic)

  • Laboratory fluid device for drying, granulation and surface treatments (Fluidicon, Czech Republic)

  • BSML motor press for pressing force up to 25 tons with semi-automatic control for  preparation of tablet-form (BRIO Hranice s.r.o, CZ)


Device for measuring spot strength and caking of granular materials

  • TMZ-3U (Micro-Sensor Bechyně, s.r.o.)


Devices for the work in defined atmosphere

  • Corrosion diagnostic apparatus KEA 300 (Liebish, GmbH, Germany) 


Equipment for the thermal processing of materials

  • Muffle furnaces to 1200 °C and 1600 °C, box furnace (Soliden, Czech Republic) up to 1350 °C       (160 l)

  • Laboratory tube furnace LT up to a temperature of 1100 ° C with the supply of a protective atmosphere (LAC s.r.o., CZ)


Equipment for XRD analysis

  • MiniFlex600 benchtop diffractometer, for powder X-ray diffraction (phase analysis), equipped with PDF 2 database (Rigaku, Japan)

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