Transport properties of solids

Preparation and characterization of  semiconductors, particulary thermoelectric (TE) materials used for construction of Peltir coolers and TE generators. Preparation of diluted magnetic semiconductors. Preparation of single crystals of narrow gap and layered semiconductors.

Contact person: prof. Ing. Čestmír Drašar, Dr.

Optical laboratory

Optical characterization of nanostructures (bulk, single layers, multilayers, photonic crystals); characterization of optical gratings.

Contact person: doc. RNDr. Petr Janíček, Ph.D.,   Mgr. Jan Mistrík, Ph.D.

X-Ray and synchrotron techniques

Diffraction and small angle scattering of X-Rays and synchrotron radiation in ordinary as well as special environment, such as high pressure, electric field at low or high temperatures possibly with time resolution. Materials studyied mainly are polymers, biopolymers and intercalates.

Contact person: doc. RNDr. Miloš Steinhart, CSc.

Localization and low-temperature transport in semiconductors and conducting polymers

Characterization of the charge  carrier concenration and type in magnetic field over a wide temperature range (7 K – 320 K). Study of carrier localization in semiconducting nanostructures using Terahertz spectroscopy in cooperation with the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Contact person: Mgr. Vít Zajac, Ph.D.





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