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„The role of Zn in the Cu-Zn-Al mixed oxide catalyst and its effect on glycerol hydrogenolysis“, Karel Frolich, Jaroslav Kocík, Jáchym Mück, Jiří Kolena, Lenka Skuhrovcová, Molecular Catalysis (IF 5.089, Q2) , Volume 533, December 2022, 112796,

During 6 - 10 November we attended the 17th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, which took place in Paphose, Cyprus. Dr. Hájek and PhD students Mück, Kocián and Malina had contributions in the form of talk. 

We entered into a contract with company ORLEN UniCre a.s.: "Service and characterization of catalysts and products of epoxidation MEŘA".

Students of the 2nd year (Jakub Linha and Krystýna Dvořáková) had a presentation of their work at the SVOČ conference on 13.6. 2022

M. Hájek participated in the "First Workshop of Interfaculty and Interdisciplinary Cooperation" where he had a short presentation (more info is in:

M. Hájek participated in the conference „19th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis “(19th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis ( with a contribution: „The influence of residue sodium ions in Mg-Al mixed oxides synthesized from various anions on transesterification of vegetable oil“

At the end of April, we attended the ICCT 2022 conference,  ICCT 2022. The photo shows D. Kocian in action during his presentation.

A contract was concluded with PARAMO a.s. for the preparation of epoxides from vegetable oil esters as an additive for oils produced from crude oil.

Jáchym Muck has successfully passed the state doctoral exam and he is on the best way to defend his dissertation thesis.

After some time we met again in large numbers and played bowling in IXI. It was great to see everyone again.

Another publication of Martin et al. named "The influence of various anions in Mg-Al mixed oxides on presence of sodium ions in transesterification of oil" was published in Fuel (IF = 5.578).

M.Mališová, M.Hájek, D.Kocián, J.Malina, A.Peller, M.Horňáček, Fuel 319 (2022) 123781

Congratulations to Martin et al. for the publication "The influence of residue sodium ions in mixed oxide on catalytic activity in transesterification of vegetable oil" published in Molecular Catalysts (IF = 5.062).

D.Kocián, M.Hájek, A.Vávra, K.Frolich, J.Kocík, Molecular Catalysis 517 (2022) 112017

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