The research work of the department can be divided into several parts. One part is the research of porous solid materials. They are studied in terms of adsorption and separation of industrially important substances and pollutants, in terms of measurement and theoretical modeling of adsorption equilibria of porous materials, we measure catalytic activity and selectivity of solid heterogeneous catalysts in partial oxidations of organic substances, analyze active centers of solid catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane, predict relationship between the structure / basicity of solid mixed oxide catalysts and their activity in aldol condensation and transesterification. This brings us to the next part of the research and that is the study of the conditions of transesterification of oils for various alcohols, including the conditions of product separation. Another important part of the department's activities is the study of nucleation, crystal growth, structural relaxation and viscosity behavior in subcooled glass-forming systems, including analysis and theoretical description of related kinetic phenomena. And the last and latest part of the activities of the Department of Physical Chemistry is the study of the dissolution of solid dosage forms by pharmacopoeial methods, determination of pharmacokinetic parameters in vitro and measurement of physicochemical properties of drugs.

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