About the Department

Chemical processing of wood, paper and its processing represent areas that go through a revival at present, which is due to the necessity of environmental friendliness and, on the other hand, to the fact that these branches of industry have reliable resources of raw materials in the Czech Republic.

The respective branches of science can be studied at the University of Pardubice, where the education is ensured by Department of Wood, Pulp and Paper, the only university centre in the Czech Republic, where these branches of science can be studied. The Department was established at Pardubice in 1960 as a part of the then Institute of Chemical Technology, Pardubice.

Since its beginning, the Department has developed in many aspects: teaching staff, extent and structure of pedagogical activity and scientific research work.

Department of Wood, Pulp and Paper closely cooperates with the Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry and with many industrial enterprises in this sector, which offer sponsoring of studies at favourable conditions.

Both the Department staff members and students, by their scientific-research activities, participate in dealing with the problems of pure and applied research in the form of diploma assignments, expert consulting, service activities and commercial contracts. The industry also significantly helps in furnishing the test and pilot-plant laboratories of the Department with necessary apparatus, including the machines for processing pulp and production of samples of paper and cardboard, laboratory paper machine and pilot-plant coating apparatus. Among unique testing instruments the Department owns equipment for evaluation of formation and structure of paper and for determination of impurities included in paper.

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