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Research and development in energetic materials

  • Preparing bibliographical researches, compiling literature, papers, and studies on new products and technologies.
  • Reviewing and evaluation of research, corporate and patent literature.
  • Development of energetic materials including industrial and military explosives.

Industrial blast applications

  • Consultancy in the development, testing and optimisation of applications using the transformation of blast energy, particularly in the acceleration of metallic materials.
  • Experimental work in the development, testing and optimisation of applications using the transformation of blast energy:
    • Welding, forming, perforation, acceleration and fragmentation of metallic materials.
    • Compaction of metallic and non-metallic powders.
    • Optimisation of explosives and environments for individual applications.

Analysis and testing of explosives and explosive substances

  • Consultancy on the implementation of explosives and explosive analysis testing programmes.
  • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy laboratory for energetic materials
  • Analysis of the chemical stability and reactivity, physical properties and explosion parameters of energetic materials using the following methods and measurements: 
    • Thermal stability tests DTA, DSC, TGA.
    • Determination of mechanical and thermomechanical properties.
    • Chemical stability testing.
    • Testing of sensitivity to external stimuli.
    • Electrostatic spark sensitivity testing.
    • Explosivity tests.
    • Performance testing.
    • Measurement of rapid events and shock waves.

Risk, safety and reliability assessment and analysis of technological systems

  • Assistance in problem formulation and solving.
  • Assistance in the selection of methods and in determining problem-solving procedures.
  • Assistance in quality assurance of problem-solving procedures.
  • Lectures and training on selected topics.
  • Evaluation and analysis of risk, safety and reliability of technological systems.

Calculations and analysis of industrial accidents consequences

  • Expert assistance in determining the explosion characteristics of hazardous substances or mixtures.
  • Assistance in fulfilling obligations under the Act on the Prevention of Major Accidents.
  • Calculations and analysis of industrial accidents consequences using various calculation models.

Development workshop at the Institute of Energetic Materials