The Institute of Energetic Materials is dedicated to education and research in three areas: chemistry and technology of explosives, explosion theory and safety engineering.

At the Institute, we follow the tradition of all-round education in which instruction in chemistry, physics and safe applications of energetic materials are combined. As this is a demanding approach, it is applied only at a few educational institutions in Europe.  We focus on ensuring that our approach to education delivers benefits even in the current conditions and increases the employability of our graduates at home and abroad.

Significant assistance is provided by cooperating organisations, such as Explosia Pardubice, Austin Detonator Vsetín, the Institute of Forensic Science in Bratislava, the University of Defence in Brno, the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, and OZM Research Hrochův Týnec. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic also helped with the construction of specialised laboratories for teaching and research in the field of explosion physics.

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