The Institute of Energetic Materials has chemical laboratories for synthesis, analysis and processing of explosives. There is also a firing range located in the Technology Centre compounds.

The Institute houses the following facilities:

Chemical/synthetic laboratory - a modern chemical laboratory designed for the synthesis of explosives and other substances.

Analytical laboratory - designed for analysis and characterization of substances. It is equipped with modern analytical instruments - HPLC, FT-IR, Raman, elemental analysis.

Pyro-laboratory is equipped for preparation of and work with primary explosives. Therefore, it has a conductive floor, grounded equipment, laboratory desks equipped with protective shields for safe handling of primary explosives - substances highly sensitive to mechanical stimuli and electrostatic discharges.


The following compounds are located in the Institute’s testing site:

Press room - a building in the enclosed firing range area, which houses instruments for measuring the impact, friction and electrostatic spark sensitivity of explosives. It also serves as a processing area for pyrotechnic components.

Firing laboratory - a building in the enclosed firing range area, which is used to prepare material for firing experiments and to prepare and operate measuring equipment. The facility is used for both teaching and research.

Blast pit - an area within the enclosed firing range, equipped with barriers to protect the operator and the surrounding area, used for blasting and other firing experiments with explosives. It serves, for example, to measure detonation velocity or shock wave parameters. It allows for detonating charges up to 1 kg of TNT equivalent.

Blast chamber - designed to detonate charges up to 2 kg TNT equivalent.

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