Surface chemistry and catalysis group (inventory list)

  • FTIR spectrometr Nicolet 6700 a iS50 (Thermo Scientific, USA)
  • DR UV-vis Nicolet spectrometr (Thermo Scientific, USA)
  • Dispersive Raman spectrometer (Thermo Scientific, USA)
  • ASAP 2020 (Micromeritics, USA)
  • Nízkoteplotní mikrokalorimetr Tian-Calvet BT2.15 (Setaram, France)
  • Vakuové mikrováhy MK5 (CI Precision)
  • Autochem 2910 (Micromeritics, USA)
  • Mikro-reaktor with online chromatographic analysis (Agilent, USA)
  • Reactor with on-line chromatographic analysis (Agilent 7890A)

Kinetic phenomena in glass-forming systems group (inventory list)

  • TMA CX03 (RMI, Czech Republic)
  • TMA Q400EM (TA Instruments, USA)
  • Olympus BX51 equipped with DP72 camera (Olympus, Japan) operated in visible region
  • Olympus BX51 equipped with XM10 camera (Olympus, Japan) operated in infrared region
  • Linkam heating stage – for insitu samples annealing in the temperature region of -160 do 600 °C
  • StereoMicroscope (IntracoMicro, Czech Republic)
  • DinoLite camera with long working distance
  • DSC Sensys Evo equipped with 3D sensor (Setaram, USA)
  • Heat Flow DSC Q2000 (TA Instruments, USA)
  • STA 449 F5 Jupiter (Netzsch, Germany)
  • Nicolet DXR Raman Spetrometer (Nicolet, USA)
  • Hysitron TI Premier (Bruker, Germany)


Conversion of oil into valuable products group (inventory list)

  • Pressure mini reactor (Parr, USA)
  • Batch Reactor (IKA, Germany)
  • GC-2010 s FID a GC-2041 s TPD (Shimadzu, Japonsko)
  • HPLC (Ecom Praha)
  • Flame photomether (The Sherwood Model 410)
  • Analytics TitroLine


Applied chemical kinetics and pharmacokinetics group (inventory list)

  • Sotax AT 7 Smart off-line- dissolution apparatus (Allschwil, Switzerland)
  • HPLC system- HPLC chromatograph (Ecom Prague, Czech Republic)
  • UV VIS spectrophotometer (HP Agilant 8453)
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