The Department of Physical Chemistry is accredited in programs for all types of study (bachelor's, master's and doctoral) and teaches the following subjects (for more details see STAG):

  • Basics of physical chemistry
  • Exercises in the basics of physical chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry Basics of physical chemistry for biological sciences
  • Physical Chemistry II
  • Physical chemistry for advanced
  • Biophysical chemistry
  • Applied chemical kinetics
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Industrial heterogeneous catalysis
  • Environmental catalytic processes
  • Calorimetric and thermoanalytical methods
  • Surface phenomena on solids
  • Methods of measuring physicochemical quantities
  • Advanced methods of measuring physico-chemical properties
  • Equilibrium thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of pharmacokinetics
  • Phase equilibria
  • Energy changes
  • Theoretical foundations of spectra and optical methods
  • History of chemistry
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
  • Laboratory of Physical Chemistry I and II
  • Laboratory of specialization I, II and III
  • Laboratory of Physical Chemistry for Biochem. science
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