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Head of the Institute
Prof. Dr. Miloš Sedlák, D.Sc., phone +420 46 603 7506, e-mail:

Clerk of the Institute
Prof. Dr. Jiří Hanusek, phone +420 46 603 7015, e-mail:


Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology
(formerly Department of Organic Chemistry and Department of Technology of Organic Compounds)

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology was established as a part of Faculty of Chemical Technology and it acts in pedagogical as well as in research area.

Institute has three departments: Department of Mechanisms of Organic Reactions, Department of Organic Materials, and Department of Organic Technology. All members of institute provide lectures, tutorials, and laboratory seminars from organic chemistry or organic technology for students of almost all bachelor study programmes. In addition to organic chemistry and technolgy courses teachers offer a number of elective topics.

Graduation in organic technology is focused on technological aspects of organic syntheses and on chemical and application properties of organic compounds. Course is based on these specializations: dyes, pharmaceutics, and photochemistry.

Study programmes of organic chemistry and organic technology exist on our faculty for many years. Obviously, talented students interested in organic chemistry can continue their study in our institute in two Ph.D. study programmes, organic chemistry or organic technology, and in this way they can participate in research topics of institute.