List of laboratory equipment and instruments available for organic synthesis and structure analysis of prepared and studied compounds and materials is listed below.

magnetic resonance spectroscopy instrument Bruker AVANCE III 400

two magnetic resonance spectroscopy instruments Bruker Ascend 500

magnetic resonance spectroscopy instrument Nanalysis NMReady 60PRO

polarimeter Perkin Elmer Polarimeter Model 341

IR spectrometer Nicolet iS50

GC/EI-MS set:  Agilent Technologies 6890N / Network MS detector 5973

GC/EI-MS set:  Agilent 7890B Series GC Custom / 5977B EI MSD Bundle

MALDI mass spectrometer LTQ Orbitrap XL (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

UV/Vis spectrophotometer Hewlett-Packard 8453

spectrofluorometer Duetta (Horiba Scientific)

elemental analysis instrument EA 1108 Fisons

differential calorimeter Mettler-Toledo STARe System DSC 2/700

Chromatotron model 7924 T (T-Squared Technology)

BUCHI Reveleris® X2 Flash Chromatography/Prep Purification System with ELSD/UV/Vis detection

microwave synthesis labstation Milestone-MicroSYNTH

pH-meter Thermo Scientific ORION STAR A211

liquid chromatograph Watrex Deltachrome with UV-Vis detection and chiral columns AD-H, OJ-H, and AS-H

mass spectrometer Thermo Scientific LCQ fleet ion trap

evaporators Heidolph Laborota

melting point meters Buchi B-540

refractometers Krüss AR4

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