SCIENTIFIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE INSTITUTE                                           

Scientifical activities of the institute evolve in accordance with progress trends in organic chemistry and organic technology which represent the most important parts of chemistry.
Nowadays institute solves a lot of projects from organic synthesis area especially synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and of chiral compounds. We study properties of prepared compounds, reaction mechanisms of their formation and of other reactions, we tested applicability of chiral compounds for enantioselective catalysis. We also realize other research programmes focused on study of structure of coordinating compounds, on behaviours of tautomeric systems or on study of supramolecular conjugates of selected drugs.
Technological research is focused on low-tonnage organic specialities especially organic dye-stuffs, pharmaceuticals, and photochemicals. Department of organic technology is the centre of fundamental research and development of new dyes for textile industry alongside for other purposes.

DEPARTMENTS  OF THE INSTITUTE                                                                       

Department of Mechanisms of Organic Reactions

Department of Organic Materials

Department of Organic Technology

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS                                           

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TEXT-BOOKS, STUDENT TEXTS, PROCEEDINGS                                                    

List of text-books, student texts and proceedings released by the Institute


Grants obtained since 1993


Conferences organized by the Institute (since 1994):

VIth International Conference on Correlation Analysis in Chemistry (VIth CAIC)
   5. - 9. 9. 1994, Praha, Czech Republic.

XXI. Conference of organic chemists (Opočno 1996)
   24. - 27. 6. 1996, Opočno, Czech Republic.

XXIII. Conference of organic chemists (Litomyšl 1998)
   7. - 10. 9. 1998, Litomyšl, Czech Republic.

XXV. Conference of organic chemists (Kutná Hora 2001)
   14. - 17. 5. 2001, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

XXVII. Conference of organic chemists (Pardubice 2004)
   14. - 17. 6. 2004, Pardubice, Czech Republic.

Ph.D. THESES                                                                                                          

List of Ph.D. Theses realized in doctoral study program Organic chemistry (since 1996)

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