The Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics (DGAP) is located in Technological pavilion UPa at Doubravice. For teaching, DGAP has at its disposal two lecture rooms for lectures and seminars, computer classrooms, laboratories and offset printing room. Most computers are connected with Internet through the University server. DGAP has built a small DTP workplace including four MacIntosh Computers, three PC’s, a scanner and a laser printer, where the program products are taught for text composition and processing of graphics, and designs to orders are prepared within laboratory training programs for of students. Besides, also education in electronic publishing is realised there.

Some instruments installed in laboratory of specialisation “Graphic arts”:


One of the key instruments, which is cooperated under collaboration with Institute of Applied Physics and Mathematics, is variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer for near, middle and far infrared spectral regions. Thanks to used rotating compensator technology, high accuracy of ellipsometric parameters is characteristic for the instrument (IR-VASE, J. A. Woollam Co., Inc.). The system is heavily useful for nondestructive studies of bulk materials as well as thin films or nanostructures of different materials. 

The capabilities of variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry are supplemented and extended through a VASE instrument with rotating analyzer technology, which covers UV-VIS-NIR spectral range.

VERTEX 70v is an evacuable, fully digital FT-IR spectrometer for demanding R&D applications. The spectrometer is equipped with a number of features such as AAR (Automatic Accessory Recognition) ACR (Automatic Component Recognition) and PerformanceGuard that facilitate performing spectroscopic measurements and ensure reliable measurement results. The function AAR identifies automatically the accessory installed in the sample compartment, performs several tests and loads automatically the corresponding experiment file including the pre-defined measurement parameters. The feature ACR recognizes automatically the currently installed optical components like source, detector and beamsplitter. These components are electronically coded so that the spectrometer firmware can recognize them. This information is passed on to the application software OPUS. The purpose of ACR is to enable the user to select the right optics parameters in OPUS. In addition, the spectrometer components are monitored permanently to ensure that they operate within the specification range. This feature is called Performance Guard. Its purpose is to facilitate fault diagnostics and maintenance. Measuring units- Unit for transmission measurement, PLATINUM ATR, Computer-controlled Reflection Unit with variable Incidence Angle.

HYPERION Series FT-IR Microscopes

Shimadzu’s UV-3600 Plus UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer is equipped with three detectors — a PMT (photomultiplier tube) for ultraviolet and visible regions, and InGaAs and cooled PbS detectors for the near-infrared region. The three detectors significantly reduce noise levels and help to ensure high-sensitivity, high-accuracy measurements across the entire measured wavelength range. The wide wavelength range of enables measurement across the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions. Additionally, the UV-3600 offers a three-detector, multi-purpose, large-sample compartment and integrating sphere options, which enable high-sensitivity measurement of solid samples. A large number of absolute specular reflectance accessories are available to perform high-accuracy absolute reflectance measurements. When combined with all-in-one software that offers multiple measurement modes, the UV-3600 Plus is ideally suited for a variety of materials science applications related to photovoltaics, electronics, optical coatings, and textiles.

reoviskozimetr HAAKE RotoVisco 1

Photo-acoustic spectrometer

FTIR spectrophotometer Avatar


Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber

Elcometer 4340

Specord UV-VIS

Korona Alhbrandt

Polishing machine MINITECH 213

Cutting plotter Mimaki CFL-605RT

Easymount 1400H laminator

Excellent professional 3D printer by Formlabs

Special saw model Well 3500

HP Latex 335 Large Format Inkjet Printer

Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3070 digital printing press

The professional CDI Spark 2120

High performance JACOMEX workbench

rheo-viscometer RHEOTEST 3

colour proofer Grafotechna Prague

densitometers X-Rite transmission and reflection

spectrophotometer Gretag SPM50



densitometer Viplate 115 for printing plates

equipment for calibration of monitors Eye One Pro, Gretag

instrument for testing emulsion of water in ink (duke - tester)

instrument for measurement of surface tension of liquids and solids CAM100

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