Due to the fact that there is no specialized research and test workplace for the filed of graphic arts the Czech Republic, the Department has been trying for several years to gradually build a laboratory to test printing materials and prints. In early 2004, the Printing Test Laboratory was established at the Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics. As for the focus of tests and trials, the laboratory activities can be divided into three groups, the first of which involves the testing of printing materials (paper, inks and varnishes, other chemicals and technical resources), the second involves printing products (quality of printed materials, finishing, etc.) and the third printing techniques and technologies. The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and testing and trial procedures are in accordance with ISO standards commonly accepted in the EU countries. The Printing Test Laboratory may serve the printing industry, suppliers of printing materials and printing industry customers to provide independent verification of quality and properties of materials and finished printing products and technological processes for the production and further processing of printed matter. Following the testing, the DGAP experts can also provide advisory and consulting services and solve long-term research tasks and projects.